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Our personalized video service captures, enhances and preserves your most important life experiences – weddings, vacations, birthdays, family reunions, talent shows, sporting events and more.


And it could not be easier.


Option 1: Editing Your Content. You simply provide First Impression with selected photos and videos and tell us what you are hoping to create. We will then enhance, edit and transform them into high-quality, professional video memories complete with audio and graphics.



Option 2: Create New Video. Firsts Impression will also record your desired events and create an original video of the occasion.



We work with every type and format of video, photography and music for any kind of event – personal or business (including: business events, conferences, corporate capabilities videos, employee outings and more.


We work with care and creativity. We move quickly and with purpose. And we offer a highly competitive rate for an unbelievably professional product. Most important, you are in full control of the entire process. You select the photos and videos and approve the music. You share your thoughts

and provide direction on what you have in mind in terms of length and mood.


The end result is customized, professional and everlasting.

Check out some of our videos below!


Time flies, baby Zoe just turned one! Let's rewind a little bit...

Congratulations on your new life together!

1 Weekend, 4 friends

and a lot of fun!

I cannot walk yet,

but I surely can swim!

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